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DIRECTOR: Timothy W. Olsen, MD
EDITOR: Joy H. Bell
Ginger Pyron
DESIGN: Linda Dobson (Print);
Donna Price (Digital)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Donna Price (Cover & lead); David Woolf

WEB SITE: eyecenter.emory.edu
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Melanie M. Platt (president)
Paul Anderson Jr.
Jim Abrahamson
Harold Brown
Bickerton Cardwell
Bradley N. Currey Jr.
Charles Darnell
Randy Dhaliwal, MD
Brian G. Dyson
Russell R. French
Gardiner Wingfield Garrard III
D. Gayle Gellerstedt
Mary Gellerstedt
John J. Gillin
Charles B. Ginden
W. Gordon Knight
Lindsay Olsen Dulaney
L. O’Roark
Stanley Steinberg
In memoriam: Edgar Forio Jr.

Who we ARE

Emory Eye magazine is published annually in print and digital formats by Emory Eye Center.

The EMORY EYE CENTER includes the Department of Ophthalmology, part of the Emory School of Medicine, its clinical sector and all aspects of research. The Eye Center is ranked in the top 20 of the "U.S. News & World Report’s" annual survey of the nation’s best eye centers. The South's first corneal transplant was performed at Emory in 1947, and the inaugural refractive surgery trials were conducted at Emory in the 1980s. Today it remains at the forefront of many national clinical trials, including those on macular degeneration and glaucoma. Ophthalmology research is supported by current NIH funding of $8.8 million.