Success through teamwork
Recruiting for Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System Study

Welcome to a new and exciting edition of Emory Eye magazine

Welcome to a new and exciting edition of Emory Eye magazine. We hope that you enjoy the fresh new approach to vision research described here. In this issue, we attempt to simplify the complex process of improving the way we are able to help you see better—through research. Don’t just think of test tubes and lab mice, but visualize a novel and fresh approach to conducting research at the Emory Eye Center.

We call it the Research Matrix: it’s a focused, transparent, open, and ever-changing concept that is able to flex and mold to ever-changing knowledge and priorities. The engine of research is the funding that supports our program and its infrastructure. Our greatest resource is our knowledge. That knowledge originates not only from our scientific team, but also from our clinical faculty as well as our highly talented students, residents, fellows, post-docs, and other trainees. Bringing these forces together to translate knowledge into vision is the purpose of the Research Matrix.

As you read about the impressive work of our faculty and the contributions they have made to help your vision, I trust that you’ll also be excited about the future work and potential of our program. It is a program to help you and others in this world see as well as you can see.

Timothy W. Olsen

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