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Success through meaningful work

Timothy W. Olsen, MD

Timothy W. Olsen, MD

As you read this issue of the Emory Alumni Eye for 2013, it is easy to understand that the Emory Eye Center alumni are part of a something bigger. 

We can all see it and feel it when we hear about the exciting things happening at Emory. The best part is knowing that you have contributed, are contributing, or will contribute in some way to our meaningful work.

The phrase “meaningful work” is what distinguishes what we do at Emory. When we see the smile on a resident’s face when they see something on the retina exam for the first time, or see a young surgeon perform a complex technical skill successfully, or read a research publication from Emory that changes the way we all practice . . . these are all examples of meaningful work.  

As you read this edition about our program, I trust that you’ll feel proud, as I do, to be able to serve among the many who contribute meaningfully on a daily basis at Emory—as well as our many and supportive alumni who serve outside of Emory — to help people see as well as they can see!

Timothy W. Olsen

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