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More than 560 applicants applied for six residency positions.

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The state of the department in 2015?
Two words come to mind: Efficiency. Growth.
Jessica Shantha MD in May 2014 Wet Lab with Douglas Blackmon MD

Residency education

2015. Another amazing year in the residency education program at Emory. We received more than 560 applicants for six residency positions. On Match Day, January 13, six superb new residents were selected.

At the top of our list and joining us in July: John Morgan Micheletti, Baylor College of Medicine; Jonathan Katz, George Washington University; Nick Anand, East Tennessee State; Sahi Reddy, Drexel University; Sonny Walia, Texas Tech University; Zachary Balest, Georgia Regents University.

And, with our outgoing residents, we have many reasons to be proud, not the least of these is where they are going: Abdallah Jeroudi: Barnes Retina Institute; Jennifer Kim: private practice, Georgia; Jessica Shantha: private practice, Hawaii; Michael Shumski: private practice, Pennsylvania; Heather Weissman: Cornea fellowship, Baylor; Monica Zhang: Glaucoma fellowship, Scheie Eye Institute.

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"We are very happy with our match results. We continue to be a highly sought-after residency program and matched six outstanding candidates."

Residency Program Associate Director Jeremy Jones (M ’04-08; res. ’09-12; glaucoma fellowship ’12-13)
Building B 4th floor hallway demolition
Clinic hall post reno
Exam room post reno

Efficiency augmented by technology

Our first goal has been to improve the patient flow with successful integration of a revitalized floor plan and patient flow structure. Next, maximize patient care efficiencies through enhanced technology.

The Eye Center’s technology innovation, more specifically, the electronic medical reporting (EMR) for ophthalmology—with the adoption of Modernizing Medicine’s EMA—is garnering attention. As our faculty continue to learn, utilize and optimize this new technology, we anticipate that efficiency will follow. Identifying and adapting the EMR to interface within Emory’s existing structure was the tireless work of pediatric ophthalmologist Amy Hutchinson (ophthalmology pathology fellow ’92-93; res. ’93-96) and other departmental “super users,” who lead the introduction and integration of this system to the entire faculty. The system went live in June, 2014. We anticipate 100% integration by August 31, 2015.

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Growth: new clinic locations

As the center grows, the volume of patients also increases. With 117,534 patient encounters this year, ophthalmology remains one of the busiest at Emory. Patients travel from distant locations for subspecialty care and expertise. The trip isn’t always easy for these patients. To help serve them, we've opened locations.

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"We’re closing in on eliminating blinding trachoma globally. In the past years we have gained much support for the WHO Global Alliance to Eliminate Trachoma (GET 2020). Although much work still lies ahead of us, we’re well on our way to reach this important goal and eliminate the suffering from this blinding disease.” Danny Haddad.

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Changes at Grady

At Grady EEC residents gain hands-on experience and training to prepare their careers for essentially any challenging clinical or surgical situation. Our Grady experience is one key reason many talented resident program candidates choose Emory. With the retirement of Geoff Broocker, following 26 years of dedicated service, there are exciting new changes.

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Argus® II retinal prosthesis system

Willie Collins, blinded by the disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP) when he was just 37 years of age, is able to distinguish light and shadow, thanks to an artificial retina system developed by the California-based company, Second Sight. Thus far, the device is only available to viable candidates who have advanced RP.

Video Argus II activation day®
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