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Briana Schwartz

Amazing 6-year old puts in her own contacts

Briana Schwartz, who participated in the IATS study, received a diagnosis of cataract at 1 day of age. She was prescribed a contact lens following her cataract surgery at 1 month of age. Over the next few years of her young life Briana’s mother, Erin, was tasked with putting in and removing the contact lens, something she took very seriously. But at the tender age of 4, Briana told her mother she wanted to put in her lens herself. And so she did—an amazing skill for a child of any age. When Briana is older, she and her parents will decide if she wants an IOL or prefers to stay with a contact lens. But until that day, she remains a fortunate girl in having been diagnosed and treated at such an early age.

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