Drs. Khalifa and Santha in surgery at Grady

Yousuf Khalifa and Jessica Shantha in cataract surgery at Grady where major equipment upgrades have been implemented in the OR.

New chief of service brings efficiencies & innovation

Grady experience one key reason so many talented doctors choose Emory Eye Center Residency

At Grady EEC residents gain hands-on experience and training to prepare their careers for essentially any challenging clinical or surgical situation.

With the retirement of Geoff Broocker, following 26 years of dedicated service, there have been some exciting changes. New chief of service is Yousuf Khalifa. While Khalifa trained with our neighbors in Augusta, at the Medical College of Georgia, he is more recently from the University of Rochester where he was a member of the cornea and external disease service and also served as the residency program director. Although he has only been at Emory since August 2014, Khalifa has made remarkable improvements to the Grady Eye Clinic. He is actively working to develop a surgical wet-lab that may eventually include many other surgical and procedural subspecialties at our Grady location.

Khalifa is also working to improve the clinical space for greater efficiency and volume. For the first time ever, we are now offering vitreoretinal surgical services in the Grady Hospital OR. Physicians Andy Hendrick and Josh Robinson coordinate both clinical and surgical services along with our retina fellows. Under Khalifa’s leadership, the Grady ORs have expanded with major equipment upgrades including new surgical microscopes, vitrectomy and cataract machines, and other surgical equipment.

Khalifa’s energy is palpable, and he is dedicated to the excellence in patient care services. His Care Team has come together to implement increased efficiencies and patient and physician satisfaction, with a future eye toward clinical trials.

“It is a tremendous honor to be part of Grady Memorial Hospital and the Emory Eye Center,” says Khalifa. “Expanding on the service for the underserved and education legacy that Dr. Broocker established at the Grady Eye Center is my top priority. Through collaboration with the Emory Eye Center, the Emory Dean’s Office, Grady administration, and other Grady clinical services, we have made great strides at improving the patient experience, augmenting the teaching experience through increased clinical and surgical volumes, and establishing a culture of stewardship and growth. I am excited about the future of the Grady Eye Center and appreciate all the support from Dr. Tim Olsen and the entire Emory Eye Center faculty!”
Yousuf Khalifa, chief of service, Grady

If you have a chance to visit, do so. You’ll certainly see a more sleek and streamlined Grady.  Alumnus Jeremy Jones (’04-08M; res. ’09-12; glaucoma fellowship ’12-13) has admirably served as associate chief of service there for the past two years.

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