Drs. Khalifa and Santha in surgery at Grady

Jennifer Kim, Jeremy Jones, William Pearce, Abdallah Jeroudi and Maria Aaron.

Aaron returns as residency director

Program receives all-time high number of applicants

Maria Aaron (res. ’96-99), longtime residency director (from 1999-2009) has stepped back into her role as program director in order to keep the program on track through our transition. She’s simply doing her usual fantastic work and has kept the program thriving.

And, as Aaron has said with good humor recently, “Well, my friends think I didn’t get it right the first time, so Emory is giving me another chance to do so! Honestly, I’m having so much fun being program director today, even more than my first time around. Jeremy Jones admirably runs the day-to-day operation, so I get to really enjoy these residents. They make me feel young!”

As residency program coordinator Terri Trotter puts it, “The transition has been seamless!” And because Aaron has been there before, her wise counsel and naturally ebullient personality are most welcome. In fact, Aaron’s knowledge of teaching residents is so admired that she’s become a national expert on medical education, speaking at a number of national meetings on the subject.

This year, EEC had an all-time high number of applicants: 565, up from 483 just two years ago.

“We continue to attract top residents from across the country, largely due to our excellent faculty, who are committed to patient care, teaching and mentoring our trainees.
Timothy Olsen
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