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Faculty and Physicians

Rashidul Haque, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Haque joined the faculty of the Department of Ophthalmology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 2009. He has more than 20 years of experience in molecular biology research. His research interest includes retinal circadian biology as well as ocular microRNA. He is interested in characterizing microRNA molecules and investigating their role in the expression of genes related to ocular diseases like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vascular diseases. He is a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.

Prior to his appointment at Emory Eye Center, Dr. Haque's research and teaching positions include: assistant professor, Department of Zoology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 1984-1990; British Council visiting scientist, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1989; USSR Academy of Science Fellow, Moscow, 1990; associate professor, Department of Zoology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 1990-1993; WHO scholar, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia (USA), 1993-1994; senior research scientist, Emory University, 1996-1998; and instructor (faculty), Department of Pharmacology, Emory University, 1998-2009.

Rashidul Haque, PhD

Undergraduate Education
Zoology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Graduate School
Master of Science (MSc), Zoology,
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Genetics
St. Petersburgh State University, Russia: 1984

St Petersburg State University, Russia: 1979-1984

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia USA: 1994-1996

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