Global Ophthalmology Emory (GO-E)

Program Overview

In an effort to help the estimated 285 million people worldwide who are visually impaired or blind, the Emory Eye Center has established the Global Ophthalmology Emory (GO-Emory) program. This pioneering interdisciplinary program aims to improve health and quality of life by addressing complex problems holistically, through the integration of clinical and research knowledge and perspectives.

GO-Emory serves the needs of indigent populations with limited resources here in Georgia and around the world. As an extension of the Emory Eye Center mission to help people see as well as they can see, GO-Emory physicians and researchers use a multidisciplinary approach both locally and abroad to promote access to eye care for all.

The program’s mission aligns with the ambitious goal set forth by the World Health Organization: to eliminate avoidable blindness and ensure universal access to quality eye care.  GO-Emory, in partnership with Emory’s Global Health Institute, does more than provide top ophthalmology care, research, and teaching. Stretching across the vast field of ophthalmology, GO-Emory seeks to generate operative and sustainable systems that can be implemented near and far, from Atlanta's underserved communities—where "the world" starts close to home—to countries worldwide.

Priority Areas

Understanding the burden and causes of blindness and how we can best serve those impacted in meaningful and sustainable ways.
Improving the access to quality eye care by openly sharing knowledge and skills with our partners and colleagues in eye care worldwide.
Patient Care & Outreach
Providing top quality medical and surgical care to those who may otherwise lack access.

Participating Faculty

Colin Beckwith, MS, Trachoma SAFE Implementation
Soroosh Behshad, MD, MPH
Annette Giangiacomo, MD
Andrew Hendrick, MD
Yousuf Khalifa, MD, Interim Director, GO-E
Phoebe Lenhart, MD
Kimberly Monroe
Jacquelyn O’Banion, MD, Assistant Director, GO-E
Jessica Shantha, MD
Natalie Weil, MD
Steve Yeh, MD

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