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2008 News Releases

  • Clinical Trial Aims to Help Those with Macular Degeneration Find New Way of Seeing

    (ATLANTA) December 4, 2008 | The brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize itself to compensate for vision loss, the ability called plasticity, may be the key in helping those with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) see better. This theory is the impetus behind a study between Emory Eye Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Psychology). Patients who have retinal damage because of AMD sometimes begin to see by using other parts of the intact retina.

  • Emory Eye Center Ranks in Top Ten in All Categories of Ophthalmology Times Annual Survey

    October 23, 2008 | Emory Eye Center has ranked in all four of the Top Ten slots with other distinguished U.S. academic eye institutions in the annual survey of ophthalmology programs conducted by Ophthalmology Times. In the October 15 issue, Emory Eye Center placed in all four of the ranking designations, the first time Emory has ranked in every surveyed category. The categories and Emory Eye Center’s 2008 placements include:

• Best Overall Program (tied at 8th with University of Iowa)
• Best Clinical (Patient Care) Program (6th)
• Best Research Program (9th)
• Best Residency Program (10th)

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