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August 12, 1996

Emory ophthalmologist co-directs international pediatric cataract conference

Emory Eye Center pediatric ophthalmologist Scott Lambert, M.D., recently co-directed an international symposium that provided the latest information about the diagnosis and treatment of congenital cataracts. The Emory Eye Center, March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation (USA), Cataract Institute of America, and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, sponsored the course.

Attended by physicians from across the globe, the symposium also featured Eye Center pediatric ophthalmologist Arlene Drack, M.D., and pediatric ophthalmology fellow Jeffrey Sorkin, M.D., as invited lecturers.

Drs. Lambert and Sorkin gave talks on the long-term effects of using intraocular lens to treat cataracts. Dr. Drack presented results of a study examining near vision with and without glasses of children who have had intraocular lenses implanted or had the lenses of their eyes removed because of cataracts. She also presented findings from a study investigating gene mutations in children with congenital and juvenile cataracts.


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