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Boy with eyeglasses and vision exam chart Emory Eye Center Celebrates Healthy Vision Month in May: Make your eyes a priority and schedule an eye exam

May 2, 2013 | (ATLANTA) Emory Eye Center joins the National Eye Institute (NEI) in calling upon Americans to make their vision a priority by taking the necessary steps to protect their vision, prevent vision loss, and make the most of the vision they may have remaining.

“The best way to care for your eyes is by having a comprehensive dilated eye exam,” says Emory ophthalmologist Maria Aaron. During this exam, drops are placed in the eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupils. This procedure can detect vision problems and determine whether eye glasses or contact lenses are needed.

“With a comprehensive exam, we can often detect eye diseases in their early stages and treat them, alleviating visual impairment or preventing possible blindness,” she says.

Healthy vision also includes preventing eye injuries. Many occupations and forms of recreation can present dangers to the eye. Eye protection is a necessity when jobs put eyes at risk. Wearing protective eyewear when playing sports can cut down on related eye injuries by as much as 90 percent, some reports say. Wearing eye protection when working in the yard will also lower the number of those who experience serious eye trauma.

Emory Eye Center basic scientists conduct research into blinding eye diseases, visual disorders and the mechanisms of visual function. Clinicians diagnose, treat and perform surgeries for patients requiring medical intervention. Low vision and occupational therapists help those with vision impairment to make the most of their remaining vision by helping them learn to manage everyday tasks.

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