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October 27, 2016

Emory Eye Center Physicians Help Lead Educational Efforts at AAO 2016

(ATLANTA) More than 20 Emory Eye Center physicians helped educate other providers at the American Academy of Ophthalmology's (AAO) annual conference in October.

Their combined efforts led to 60 teaching opportunities totaling 90 hours of instructional time. Formats included giving lectures, sharing scientific posters, introducing and participating in panel discussions, and facilitating informal discussions on hot topics. Many faculty also helped lead Skills Transfer Courses, where participants were able to gain hands-on experience with new surgical techniques or equipment.

"Once you're out of your residency, you don't have as many opportunities for hands-on practice of new techniques or with different pieces of equipment," says Maria Aaron, MD, a professor of ophthalmology and Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at Emory University School of Medicine. "You learn so many new things during the conference lectures. The Skills Transfer Courses are extremely important because they help you take that knowledge and become comfortable using it in the operating room."

Topics led by Emory Eye Center faculty ranged from surgical procedures and diagnosis choices to telemedicine and mobile screenings, research findings, and assessing smartphone technology.

Participating Eye Center faculty represented every subspecialty of ophthalmology. They were:

Maria Aaron, MD (comprehensive ophthalmology and cataract)
Allen Beck, MD (glaucoma)
Valérie Biousse, MD (neuro-ophthalmology)
Anastasios Costarides, MD, PhD (glaucoma)
Hans E. Grossniklaus, MD, MBA (ocular oncology and pathology)
Brent Hayek, MD (oculoplastics)
Andrew M. Hendrick, MD (retina)
G. Baker Hubbard, III, MD (retina and ocular oncology)
Amy K. Hutchinson, MD (pediatrics)
Jeremy K. Jones, MD (glaucoma)
Yousuf M. Khalifa, MD (cornea)
Joung (John) Kim, MD (cornea)
Mary Lynch, MD (glaucoma)
April Maa, MD (comprehensive)
Nancy J. Newman, MD (neuro-ophthalmology)
Timothy W. Olsen, MD (retina)
Purnima S. Patel, MD (uveitis and vasculitis)
Jason H. Peragallo, MD (pediatrics and neuro-ophthalmology)
Jill R. Wells, MD (comprehensive and ocular oncology and pathology)
Steven Yeh, MD (retina and uveitis/vasculitis)

Steven Tucker, MD, a first-year ophthalmology resident at Emory Eye Center, participated in the conference poster presentations. He shared his findings from incorporating a structured cataract video coaching curriculum for residents at Grady Memorial Hospital.

"Physicians go to the AAO conference expecting to learn the latest on research, diagnostic approaches, surgical techniques and patient care," says Allen Beck, MD, interim chair of ophthalmology for Emory Eye Center. "As usual, our physicians played an important role in that process by sharing their knowledge and expertise. We're fortunate that they're not only clinicians providing excellent care for their own patients. They're also gifted teachers who want to help other physicians reach the highest standards of care."

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