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March 29, 2017
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Faculty Recognition Emory Eye Center Physicians – Anderson, Hendrick, Wells and Yeh – Earn Doctors’ Day Nominations

(ATLANTA) In honor of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, the Emory University School of Medicine Recognitions Committee asked for nominations of doctors who demonstrate dedication to improving the health and well-being of our patients and community through the care they provide, the research they conduct, and/or their efforts to teach and inspire young doctors. Congratulations to the four ophthalmology nominees for 2017 (listed below with some of their nomination comments).


Fulya Anderson, OD Fulya Anderson, OD , is an optometrist in the section of Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Vision and Optical Services. She joined Emory Eye Center in 1997 and consistently has some of optometry’s highest scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Comments from her Doctors’ Day nominations included:

• “Dr. Anderson definitely has a patient-centered focus.”
• “She is exemplary in her thoroughness and in how she interacts with me as a patient.”
• “She doesn’t just see her regular patients. Dr. Anderson has also answered questions to help Emory’s veterinarians.”


Andrew Hendrick, MDRetina surgeon Andrew Hendrick, MD , came to Emory Eye Center in 2012. One of his interests includes medical and surgical management of diabetic retinopathy, and he has been very involved with the Eye Center’s retinopathy screenings for Grady Health System patients. His nomination comments included:

• “Dr. Hendrick is an outstanding teacher and physician.”
• “He goes above and beyond for all patients. He has a great bedside manner and ability to truly connect with his patients.”
• “He has a passion for his field and the department. He strives to make everything better.”
• “Dr. Hendrick is friendly and helpful to all staff."


Jill Wells, MD Jill Wells, MD , first joined Emory Eye Center’s Comprehensive Ophthalmology section in 2009, then added Ocular Oncology/Pathology work after completing a fellowship in 2011. She performs cataract surgeries and also treats patients with eye cancers. Her nominations read:

• “Dr. Wells is a versatile clinician who handles multiple roles.”
• “She has a passion for teaching residents and fellows.”
• “Dr. Wells always makes patient care her number-one priority.”
• “Dr. Wells is friendly and is willing to help any staff or faculty member at any given moment.”


Steven Yeh, MD Steven Yeh, MD , has been at Emory Eye Center since 2010 and serves as the Uveitis section director. He has a special interest in vision issues and complications in Ebola survivors and how healthcare professionals can best treat post-virus conditions. A few comments from his nominations were:

• “Dr. Yeh continues to organize research efforts in West Africa to address the aftermath of the Ebola crisis.” • “He contributes much to resident and fellow education efforts.”
• “Dr. Yeh has done incredible work related to Ebola in the eye.”
• “He steps up in every way to help patients, staff, residents and colleagues.”

Emory Eye Center is fortunate to have a faculty full of ophthalmologists and optometrists who are committed to Emory and our patients.

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