Closed Cornea Trials


Corneal Allograft Rejection Study (High Risk subjects)
PI: J. Bradley Randleman, MD
Coordinator: Jeff Horton
Status: Closed.

Summary: This study is just getting underway. Subject recruitment should begin by mid-Summer or early Fall 2007. The study aim is to evaluate a Cyclosporine A-eluting device to evaluate whether the drug in this form helps prevent or minimize corneal graft rejection in subjects at higher risk for rejection. There are two arms of the study – one in which the drug-eluting device is implanted (subconjunctivally) at the time of penetrating keratoplasty. The second arm of the study involves subjects who have had graft rejection episodes – these subjects can (if there is not an active rejection episode) have the drug-eluting device implanted subconjuntivally.

Inclusion Criteria: Higher risk for corneal transplant rejection
Exclusion Criteria: Active rejection episode
Contact: Jeff Horton
Sponsor: National Eye Institute (NEI), Lux Biosciences


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