Current Cornea Trials


Artificial Iris IOL
PI: J. Bradley Randleman, MD
Status: Enrollment closed; in follow up.

Summary: This study allows subjects to have an IOL with an opaque area and a clear pupil implanted. The opaque area comes in green, blue, and tan colors. The primary indication is aniridia with cataract, but secondary implants can be done also. Typically there must be 25% iris or less remaining. Subjects are enrolled for three years, upon which their participation is complete. Enrollment is currently open.

Inclusion Criteria:
• Aniridia
• Stable refraction and K’s

Exclusion Criteria:
• More than 25% Iris tissue remaining
• IOP greater than 25 (controlled)

Sponsor: OPHTEC USA, Inc.


Cornea Donor Study
PI: J. Bradley Randleman, MD
Coordinator: Jayne M. Brown
Status: Subjects in long-term follow-up only. Not enrolling new subjects.

Summary: The aim of the study is to see whether endothelial cell density or age matter to graft viability and success. Nearly all current subjects are enrolled in the long term follow-up for years 5-10.

Contact: Jayne M. Brown, 404.778.4430
Sponsor: National Eye Institute (NEI)


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